Vin Hair Vendor - Where You Can Buy High Quality Beautiful Hair

 Although competition in the hair industry is increasing, Vietnamese hair factories are the market leaders due to their excellent quality and competitive prices. As the best hair factory in Vietnam, Vin hair vendor become one of your company's most potential business partners.

  1. Overview of Vin hair vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the leading Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers. As you read on, you may gain a fuller picture of what Vin Hair Vendor is all about.

1.1. Vin hair vendor is a hair factory in Vietnam

Having been in the hair industry for over 10 years, Vin Hair Vendor has grown to become one of the leading wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam. They are a real factory of hair extensions with their own facilities, machinery, and employees, not like some companies that act as intermediaries for hair extension products.

Vin hair vendor is a reputable hair factory in Vietnam

Every step of Vin Hair product distribution is meticulously planned and executed. They always try their best to provide the highest quality hair extensions at the lowest possible cost.

1.2.The process of formation and development of Vin hair vendor

Established in March 2010 with more than 10 years of operation, Vin hair vendor has built a solid reputation in the industry, become the best hair vendor and has many loyal customers around the world. Vin hair vendor is committed to providing high-quality hair at an affordable price. They always work hard to provide their customers with the best items and a great shopping experience.

1.3. The goal, vision, and core values of Vin hair vendor

The three key values that Vin Hair Vendor focuses on are as follows:

  • Excellent quality: High-quality beautiful hair for the customer is the most important thing.

  • Excellent price: No fees are incurred as Vin hair vendor produces their own hair and directly responds to customer needs. Therefore, their wholesale prices are the cheapest.

  • Excellent service: The sales team is available around-the-clock, seven days a week, and is always eager to patiently and carefully respond to any inquiries from clients.

Missions: Exporting hair extensions to the global hair market, Vin Hair Vendor has three goals:

  • Vin Hair's main goal is to prove that Vietnamese hair extensions are superior to most other hair types in the global market in terms of both quality and service. Vin Hair Vendor manufactures and supplies the highest quality hair extensions in the world with abundant raw materials and skilled workers,

  • The second goal of Vin Hair Vendor is to provide hair products to different markets around the world to help enhance the attractiveness and confidence of women all over the world.

  • Last but not least, Vin Hair Vendor offers every employee the perfect environment to grow, show enthusiasm and achieve goals.

Vision: Vin Hair believes that a long path to success starts with a dominant market position in Vietnam. In fact, Vin vendor aims to surpass all other hair companies in the world.

1.4. The departments of Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor has one chief executive officer (CEO) and four departments (sales, R&D, marketing, and operations).

  • The Sales staff is comprised of top-notch professionals who are encouraging and well-versed in the topic of hair extensions. They consistently exert substantial effort in pursuit of excellence in customer service.

  • Advertising and customer service are two of the marketing department's specialties.

  • Research and development includes tasks including quality assurance testing, employee education, and issue resolution.

  • The operations team is responsible for everything from receiving an order to delivering it to the consumer.

  1. Hair products offered by Vin hair vendor

Vin Hair Vendor sells a wide range of high-quality hair products to the hair industry around the world.

2.1. Vin hair vendor offers a wide variety of products

The major products line from Vin Hair Vendor are hair bundles, hair wefts, raw hair, closures, and frontals, clip-in, tip-in, and tape-in extensions in a range of colors, textures, and lengths.

Vin hair vendor offers a wide variety of products

  • Hair can be ordered in a variety of textures, such as bone straight, loose waves, deep waves, body waves, pixie curls, bouncy curls, funmi curls, yaki curls, water curls, and even custom textures.

  • Colors: a wide range of tones, from the darkest to the lightest, hot trend colors like ombre, piano, blonde.

  • They offer hair lengths up to 38 inches. 

2.2. Origin and characteristics of Vin Hair Vendor's hair

Products from Vin hair vendor have a clear origin and outstanding characteristics:

  • Hair source: Vin hair vendor provides hair products derived from 100% human hair from rural and mountainous areas of Vietnam. Vietnamese women often have a tradition of long hair, protect hair from chemicals, sun and maintain healthy hair by using natural ingredients such as green grapefruit, locust, etc. head washing. They also lead healthy lives, avoiding fast food and following a healthy diet rich in green vegetables and vitamins.

Hair from Vin hair vendors can be dyed to the most vibrant blonde shades, such as 613

  • Hair features: Normally, Vietnamese women have long, straight and silky black hair. The Vietnamese people's daily hair care routine with natural ingredients helps keep their hair soft and strong. Customers can easily style, dye or bleach their hair in the highest tones, like 613. To create the highest quality Vietnamese hair extensions that can last up to 5-10 years, Vin hair vendor always carefully selects the source of input materials and every step of hair treatment is meticulously done by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

2.3. Customer reviews about hair quality from Vin Hair Vendor 

Most customers are satisfied and give many compliments to hair products purchased from Vin hair vendor.

  • With colored hair products, the hair color is very bright, even, and eye-catching. After many washes, the hair color does not fade.

  • With curly and wavy hair products, the hair is very smooth, the curls are even, can be combed and stroked gently, and can keep the shape for a long time.

  • Hair products can be styled and re-colored while maintaining strength. The hair is very durable and can last up to 5 years.

Customers not only praise the hair quality, but also the professional customer service at Vin Hair.

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